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If you are in financial distress you may be able to get relief from your private student loan. What is important is understanding how to approach the lender. We can help.
Business Advisory Center Inc has settled hundreds of debts for businesses and individuals during the past 15 years. We have a unique, approach to presenting your situation to creditors. Through negotiation BAC seeks to reduce your private student loan balance and improve your payment schedule. (See Settlement Process)
BAC settles loans in default, collection, litigation, as well as judgments. It’s never too late!
BAC’s fees are based on achieving a settlement that is acceptable to you. We do not charge hourly rates or monthly fees. You do make a small deposit  at the outset that is applied to the success fee.
To set up a free phone consultation, email BAC at info@settlestudentdebt.com
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  • Ginny Wood  says:

    I do taxes for a man whose student loan is over $80,000. It started at 20,000, but interest and collection charges had quadrupled it. It was a private student loan. However, He went on the low payment repayment plan with the federal government a year ago. Did he lose the chance to negotiate a lower settlement rate as a personal with a private student loan. He can never repay this amount, but has a family member who might give him money if he could get it down to the original loan amount.

    • Author  says:

      Please email us at robert@Bacny.com and we will be happy to help

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