Do I Qualify

To have BAC settle debts for you, you need to answer YES to all of the following:
1.  Does the debt exceed $10,000?
2.  If a student loan, is it NOT federally insured? see notes
3.  Are you behind in any payments and believe that you can not catch up soon?
4.  Can you begin settlement payments of some amount within 30 days?
5.  Do you have one or more problems that have prevented maintaining payments, such as job loss, medical, divorce?
If you do qualify email us at 
You should have any information on the debt and balance due, as wells as any recent correspondence from the creditor, collection agency or law firm representing the creditor.
Note:  BAC does not settle federally-insured student loans. There are federal programs that you can investigate.
One program worth checking on your own is income-based repayment that was introduced in 2009, but has low awareness.

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